Easy Sticky Bun Recipe

Easy Sticky Bun Recipe

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When we go visit my aunt she always makes the most amazing sticky bun for breakfast.  I always want to make it at home but 1.  I never have the right ingredients on hand (frozen bread dough balls and cook and serve vanilla pudding to name a few) and 2.  You have to prepare it the night before and let it rise in the oven overnight.  2 big problems when you are having a sticky bun craving.

As I was browsing Pinterest one day I found a recipe for a super simple version that uses ingredients that I usually have on hand BINGO!  The original recipe is posted at All Things Delicious.  I took a look at her recipe and decided to change it up a bit  and I doubled a few of the ingredients to add some extra sticky goodness!  Here are my photos and my version of the recipe, seriously so easy and so good your family will ask for it every day!

The ingredients:  syrup, cinnamon, 2 cans of pop open biscuits (the small ones, not the grand size), brown sugar, margarine, optional – nuts, walnuts, almonds, pecans whatever you like!

In a small bowl melt 6 tsp of the margarine then add 1/2 cup of syrup and mix until well blended.  In another bowl combine 2/3 cup of packed brown sugar and 1 tsp of cinnamon.  Pour small amount (about 1/3) of the syrup mixture into the bottom of well greased bundt pan or as you can see in my case, a well seasoned stoneware from Pampered Chef

Add most of (about 2/3) the brown sugar mixture and 1 cup of chopped nuts

Arrange both packages of the biscuits in the pan

pour the remaining syrup mixture over the biscuits, make sure as you do this that you lift them a bit and pour the mixture in between them.  Then top with the remaining brown sugar mixture

Place in oven preheated to 375 degrees and cook for approximately 22-25 minutes until the biscuits are nice and brown

Immediately invert the sticky bun onto a plate and serve.  Would you look at all that yummy sticky glaze!


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4 Responses to Easy Sticky Bun Recipe

  1. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    That looks beautiful! My mouth is watering ;) Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  2. Alicia says:

    That looks delicious! 

  3. Hooray, a cinnamon bun recipe that does not require yeast and a long waiting period! Thanks for sharing!

  4. That looks amazing. What time should I come over for a piece of that deliciousness?

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