Engine Maintenance with STP Multipurpose Motor Treatment

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As an the Community Manager of Collective Bias I don't get many opportunities to participate in our campaigns as I did when I was a community member, and I have to admit I miss it sometimes!  Recently I was assigned to help coordinate a campaign for STP Multipurpose Motor Treatment and as we were discussing the project with our client all I could think about is how perfect this would be for my dad.  Problem was, Dad doesn't have a blog, but I do ;) So, I am happy to share with you my dad and his first blog post.

Meet the family mechanic, my Dad, Cliff

Let me begin by telling you a little bit about my dad.  He is 73 years old and has spent most of his life under the hood of a car, he still does. If it wasn't for him I don't know what condition my van would be in because he keeps on top of all the maintenance for me.  In the 1960's my dad owned and operated a Sunoco gas station where he also did inspections and car repair, from there he worked at various auto dealerships until Volkswagen came to Pittsburgh.  He worked his way up the line at Volkswagen until they left Pittsburgh about 25 years ago.  Since then he has dabbled in a few other things always something to do with vehicles, he taught and tested for CDL licenses and he currently manages a fleet of delivery vehicles for a medical supply delivery company.

When I mentioned this opportunity to my dad, his response was "I love STP, haven't used any other type of oil additive in a car since I had my garage back in the 60's"  (photo to the left is Dad's station in 1966, notice gas price?? .29 a gallon!) He also mentioned that whenever he takes any vehicle for an oil change,  his own or the ones he is in charge of for work, he pays extra for them to put in STP oil additive.  He was not familiar with the STP Multipurpose Motor treatment but he was interested in finding out more about it.  He mentioned he has used many kinds of STP fuel additives but never this particular product.  You see, my dad has plenty of reasons for a product like this


The Honda motorcycle my dad has had as long as I can remember,  the Jeep, the Tornado, the Explorer, another Jeep, the Ford F150 and the Mustang

The Bug, my personal favorite, it brings back great childhood memories of riding in the space behind the back seat (back before the days of carseats and seatbelts).  Dad built this car back in 1970 and is getting ready to restore and rebuild it for my nephew.

The Porsche, Dad's most recent acquisition.

Here is the garage where he takes care of all his (and mine, and my brother's and everyone else's) cars and equipment.

Getting Your Lawn and Garden Equipment Ready for Winter With STP Multipurpose Motor Treatment

STP Multipurpose Motor Treatment is designed for protection and maintenance of all gasoline and diesel powered engines.  Since the weather is changing and the garden equipment will be stored away for the winter we decided to focus on getting it ready for winter storage. STP Multipurpose Motor treatment helps prevent negative side effects in engines that sit idle for long periods so its perfect for what we had in mind.  The treatment helps stabilize fuel, fight rust build up in the fuel tank, prevent oxidative degradation in fuel, fight tough cold starts and prevent fuel line corrosion.

To get us started, while I was out shopping at Walmart for groceries I picked up a few bottles of STP for our project, you can see photos from my shopping trip in my Google + Album.   There was a great rebate offer on the bottles so they ended up being buy one get one free! You can't beat that for value and piece of mind for the performance of your engine.

Anyway, back to my dad.

First we got all of the equipment ready

The leaf blower, chainsaw and weed whacker. He also has a snow blower that my brother borrowed last year and hasn't returned to the garage yet lol.

The tractors, the red one is mine, but just like my van Dad takes care of my tractor too so its in his garage.

Next we got the STP Multipurpose Treatment ready.

Just like any good cook has a measuring cup in their kitchen, Dad has an old bottle he uses.

We followed the instructions on the bottle and mixed 3/4 of an ounce into the gallon gas can Dad uses for his garden equipment then filled up the tanks on all of the equipment.

After the small equipment was done we mixed 3 3/4 ounces into the 5 gallon can Dad uses to fuel up the tractors and took care of them too

Dad's Advice on Engine Care and STP Multipurpose Motor Treatment

You should really listen to this because my dad is hard core serious when it comes to car and equipment use and maintenance.  In his own words…..

I am a huge believer in regular preventative maintenance.  You spend good money on your cars and equipment why not spend a little extra on products such as STP Multipurpose Motor Treatment to help keep everything in peak operating condition.  A few extra dollars now will increase the longevity of your equipment and save you repair and replacement costs down the road.

As a long time user of STP products I am confident this new Multipurpose Motor Treatment will be a great addition to my maintenance routine and I am anxious to see just how well it works when I fire up the garden equipment in the spring.

Well there you have it, dad says you should do it so I'm telling you its worth your time and money to listen :)

Disclosure ~ STP is a client of the company I work for Collective Bias and my Dad was compensated for his involvement in this blog post.  All opinions and insights are personal and in no way influenced by the relationship with the client.



2 Responses to Engine Maintenance with STP Multipurpose Motor Treatment

  1. Great write-up. When I was younger, the small town that we lived in had a Sunoco station that we practically lived at (for gas). But they were always there to plug a nail hole in the tire, or help with this or that. I sure miss that kind of service!

    Tell Dad thanks for his commentary!
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  2. Beverly Anne Hines says:

    Great article, I remember the days when Pap owned the Sunoco station and there were gas wars with the prices going back and forth between 24.9 and 29.9. Those were the days.

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