Help Provide A Lifeline to Victims of Domestic Violence With Verizon Wireless’ HopeLine

Help Provide A Lifeline to Victims of Domestic Violence With Verizon Wireless’ HopeLine

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Did you or someone you know get a new phone this holiday season? Did you know that your old phone could give some hope to a victim of domestic violence?

According to Verizon Wireless:

"Nearly one in four women, one in nine men, and over 3 million children have been affected by domestic violence. Wireless phones and technology can serve as a vital link to emergency or support services in a time of crisis or as a reliable, safe connection to employers, family and friends as survivors rebuild their lives."

Verizon has been helping victims of domestic violence since 1995 when they first instituted the HopeLine by donating voicemail boxes to victims in shelters.  The recycling and reuse program began in 2001 as Verizon Wireless encouraged customers to donate their no longer used phones.  

Wireless phones given to HopeLine are refurbished and sold for reuse, generating  proceeds for the program. Refurbished phones – complete with 3,000 minutes of  wireless service – are provided to local domestic violence organizations or local  government and law enforcement agencies for use with their domestic violence clients. If donated phones are unsalvageable, they are recycled in an environmentally sound way under a zero landfill policy.

Since 2001 when the HopeLine recycling program was launched Verizon Wireless has: (statistics given to me by Verizon Wireless)

  • Collected more than 8 million phones.
  • Awarded more than $10 million in cash grants to domestic violence agencies and organizations throughout the country.
  •  Distributed more than 106,000 phones with more than 319 million minutes of free wireless service to be used by victims of domestic violence.
  • Properly disposed of nearly 1.7 million no-longer-used wireless phones in an environmentally sound way.
  •  Kept more than 210 tons of electronic waste and batteries out of landfills.

in 2002 #HOPE was launched.  When #HOPE is dialed from any Verizon Wireless network phone the caller is directed to the National Domestic Violence help line where they where they can receive the confidential help they need through empowerment-based crisis intervention,  information and resources.

How you can give a little hope

If you have any unused cell phones laying around your house I am urging you to donate them to this amazing program.  

Before donating your phone make sure you have erased all personal data.  Donated phones are not tax deductible.

There are 2 ways you can donate your old unused cell phones

  1. In person at your local Verizon Wireless Store.  For a listing of stores in your area visit the following link
  2. By mail by printing a postage paid shipping label at the following link

Feel like you want to do a little more than just donate your used cell phones? Why not coordinate a phone drive in your community at church, school, your place of employment or at the gym.  The more you do the more people that this program will help.  Phone donations given locally benefit victims of abuse in your geographic area.  Verizon offers some tips on managing a phone drive here.  You can also read stories from communities that have participated in hope drives here.

For more info on HopeLine please visit Verizon Wireless

Disclosure ~ I am an ambassador for the Verizon Wireless #midwestmoms program.  The information in this post was provided to me by Verizon Wireless and it was my choice to share it.

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