How Spiderman and Walmart Are Giving Me a New Transition to Relaxation

How Spiderman and Walmart Are Giving Me a New Transition to Relaxation

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Guest post by Joan Cook

As a single mom and a recent graduate from a 3 – year study program, I can honestly say that I might have watched 1 hour of TV each month. I have a great room for viewing, but I could never seem to find the time to sit down!

Last Christmas, I bought a “Smart TV” for my self and the kids, as a graduation present. I thought the SMART TV was really, really expensive by comparison to other TV’s on the market, but I figured that the TV’s smartness would make up for my lack of technical prowess. Now, I can stream movies from the Internet, without ever leaving the house. This is awesome because if I ever decide to watch a movie, it is usually when I am in my pajamas and having a cup of tea. At that point in my day, I am not interested in leaving the house!

One of my goals in 2012 was to spend more time relaxing with my kids now that I don’t have so much homework to complete. Watching movies, eating popcorn, snuggling a puppy… all seemed to be elements of great bonding time for me and my family. With the fall weather coming, we all feel more like staying in at night.

So off to Walmart I go to find the latest and greatest movies to amp up the weekend and I spot 2 family favorites on the shelf: The Amazing Spiderman and Men In Black 3. Both of these films are pre-purchase copies, and I noted from the cover that I could watch these on VUDU through my very very smart TV.

The cool part is that there are NEVER-BEFORE SEEN scenes included for Walmart customers! I am sold!

When I opened the packages, I found instructions on how to register my VUDU copies for both of my new movies.

The message tells me that Sony will ship me my DVD copies to my house on the street date! Very cool!

Go to and create an account if you don’t have one. You are going to love the benefits. For instance, I can watch my VUDU movies on anyone’s smart TV or on an IPad, by logging into my VUDU account.

The next step is to put in your redemption code found on the disc inside the movie package. This code allows you to see the movie on VUDU before the street date.


I can now see The Amazing Spiderman on VUDU on Halloween night before its November 9th release in stores! Preorder release dates for my 2 movies:

The Amazing Spiderman on VUDU with Pre-order – Available October 30 th
Men in Black 3 on VUDU with Pre – order – Available on November 16

To get your copies of The Amazing Spiderman and MIB 3, online at or by visiting your local Walmart store. This is a new way for Walmart to handle pre-order for new releases. I really like it and I get the benefit of having the DVD and a digital copy that I can keep forever (no more worries about at lost DVD or scratched movies).

So as the weather gets colder, and I look for new ways to spend quality time with my kids (furry or not), I have a The Amazing Spiderman and Men in Black 3 to look forward to watching. Life is good!

You can also check out new releases from Sony Pictures on their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.


Disclosure – this guest post is written as part of an active client campaign for Collective Bias®  and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment  Joan Cook as well as Kim Janocko (owner of this blog) are both employees of Collective Bias


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