iPad Who? I’ll take a Motorola Xoom!

iPad Who? I’ll take a Motorola Xoom!

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Anyone who knows me knows that back in the beginning of my social media adventure I had major iPhone envy.

Flashback about 2 years  ago, I was using a Palm Centro and I was happy as a clam because my busy schedule is all organized in my calendar and I can Tweet a text message, no really I’m not kidding.  Then I saw an iPhone and that’s when my envy began.  How the heck could I possibly be happy tweeting through a text message when I could have a phone with an app that could do that AND I could see what people were saying back to me instead of having a one way conversation! That’s when I fell into the chance to try out the Droid from Verizon and fell in love and forgot all about that iPhone.


Fast forward to early spring 2011.  Now I am happy as a clam with my Droid, attending conferences, tweeting from an app and being able to take photos too! WOOT! My Droid has enhanced and expanded my social media capabilities beyond anything I could have imagined.   I’ve been pretty busy traveling and lugging my laptop around is beginning to get old and now iPads keep popping up in my friends bags, DAG NAB IT (as OrganizerSandy would say) I NEED one of those iPads!  So the envy begins again…but I’m not sold on Apple, people are trying to convince me that they are the greatest thing around but I see friends not able to use their iPhones in NYC, their iPads at conferences or their MAC computers at all (you know who you are) plus I just don’t have an extra $500 laying around to indulge myself. So, I wait, I envy, I enter contests, I pray and I endure the heavy laptop and dream of a day when I to can be a part of the pad scene.

Mid July comes and I get an email from Verizon asking me if I would like to be a part of their newly formed #MidWestMoms program and guess what the email says???? It says they are going to give me a Motorola Xoom tablet! What??? Did I read that correctly, did you just say you were here to make one of my dreams come true and end my Apple envy once again?? Oh yes they did!  Being that I am a die hard Droid fan the Xoom makes perfect sense for me and my life so of course I accepted the invitation!

I am so glad I waited, endured and envied.  The Motorola Xoom is AMAZING!

Oh Xoom how do I love thee? Let me count the ways (at least 10 of them anyway, I don’t want to

1.  You are a 10 inch version of my Droid X that I adore more than words can say

2.  You take amazing photographs

3.  You take video allowing me to capture moments in my kids lives without having to remember to bring the Flip.

4.  You have satisfied one of my other “needs” – a Nook or a Kindle – You can do both!

5.  You are upgradable to 4G LTE Oh yeah.

6.  You have battery life that lasts long enough to keep the kids busy on a road  trip as they compete in an Ant Smasher tournament. (if only you could read my mind so I could play as I drive…)

7.  You have made my husband jealous

8.  You made my bag at Blogher this year much lighter not to mention my life much easier.

9.  You have a Flash Player

10.  You are not an iPad…..

Join me over the next few months as I share with you my experiences with my Xoom and how it has added a little slice of tech heaven to my life.  There’s lots more to come!

Disclosure ~ I am being compensated by Verizon for my participation in this program, all opinions are my own.

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  1. CanCan says:

    Nice! I’m intrigued!

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