Lego CL!CK

Lego CL!CK

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The highlight of my trip to the Toy Fair was the Lego Blogger cocktail.

I don’t talk about it much here on my blog (I am going to start sharing more) but if you know me in real life you know that my 9 year old Austin is a Lego FANATIC.  When we went to NYC in December that’s all he wanted to do was goto the Lego store.  We are heading to Disney soon and again that’s all he can talk about.  Heck with Mickey he wants to go to the Lego store.

Austin has been building with Legos for as long as I can remember, when he was 4 he was able to put together sets made for kids ages 8 and up without any help.  He now has a HUGE Lego collection (I should show you photos sometime) and whenever he has free time that is what he is doing.  He builds the sets he gets plays with them for a few days and then creates something completely new from his imagination.  Right now his favorites are the Technic sets, especially the ones with motors and moving parts.

Having a kid that loves Legos so much, you can imagine my excitement when I was invited to see the new sets and meet the Lego PR staff.  Since I got home my son has not put down the catalog they gave us showing all the new sets, he is making his list, checking it twice and including EVERYTHING in the book lol.

Lego CL!CK

While we were at the cocktail they introduced us to a new program for Lego for 2011 called Lego CL!CK.  Lego CL!CK celebrates those little bolts of excitement when a solution becomes clear – the simple and sublime light bulb moments when a great idea just comes out of nowhere. Whether you have 10 bricks or 10,000, no matter who you are you can bring new ideas to life.  We were all given the same 10 bricks and asked to make the first thing that came to our mind.  Here is mine

We each got a few bags of bricks to bring home with us, so I challenged my family to CL!CK when I got home.  Here are the results

Hubby ~ Age Secret lol ~ Tall Chair

Emilee ~ Age 13 ~ Robo Waiter

Zac ~ Age 11 ~ Stun Gun

Austin ~ Age 9 ~ Robo Waiter (instead of creating his own idea he decided he had to one up his sister and make a BETTER Robo Waiter than hers)

Nate ~ Age 5 ~ Airplane


Lego CL!CK at SXSW

Lego CL!CK will be hitting SXSW next week and challenging guests at gdgt party on March 14th to show off their 10 brick creations!  If you are there make sure you stop by and say hi to Karen and tell her CraftyMama sent you!

More Lego CL!CK Info

Make sure to check out Lego CL!CK on the web and on Facebook and share your 10 brick creations!


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  1. My 8 year-old son is also a Lego fanatic. It’s the one toy he has that he plays with everyday and has done so since he was about 4 as well. He’s forever reading the Lego catalog and I have to sit that he can show me which sets he wants – I think there isn’t a set in there that he wouldn’t want – he just loves it!
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