On The Road to Type A Mom #ChevyPA

On The Road to Type A Mom #ChevyPA

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Road trip! Who doesn’t love a road trip with no kids and a group of friends. Thanks to ChevyPa I got to take a road trip to the Type A Mom Conference with @MaryBabySteps, @CaraRolinson, and @Plussizemommy, a few of my favorite ‘Burg bloggers.

The morning started off with a few unplanned events and a yummy lunch at TGI Friday’s and finally we hit the road at 1:30 in a ultra sleek, very comfortable maroon Chevy Traverse.  We had so much luggage we needed to fold down the 3rd row of seats to fit it all in lol.

About half way through the trip Beth says “how are we on gas” and Cara replies “oh geeze I’m not even paying attention we are on EEEEEEEEEE”  We had just pulled onto a new highway and there was NOTHING around.  I’ve never been nervous about running out of gas, but it wasn’t looking good for us.  So, what do 4 tech savvy moms on a road trip do when they are about to run out of gas…. Google the closest gas station on their “smart” phones lol.  One problem…we are in a valley with no signals. Nice. Just when we thought we were gonna have to hitch hike to Type A Mom, Beth comes to the rescue again and says “Hey, don’t we have Onstar?” Beth you are a genius.


You will be happy to know we didn’t run out of gas and have to hitch hike the rest of the way :)  We arrived in Asheville around 10 pm safe, sound and very slap happy.  The smiles and hugs from friends in the lobby were worth the drive.

Thank you ChevyPA for the awesome road trip  and the opportunity to see the smiling faces of my friends from near and far.  Without your support I would not have been able to attend the conference.

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  2. Beth IS amazing! I’m telling you, I need her to help organize my life. I LOVED traveling with you ladies. We certainly did have a snazzy, sleek and safe ride, didn’t we?
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