Pin Me! Weekly Pinterest Linky

Pin Me! Weekly Pinterest Linky

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I'll admit it, I'm addicted.  At first i played around a bit and tried to see the whole point of this new thing Pinterest eveyone was talking about but I just didn't get it. Now, I get it a little too much lol.  I am amazed every time I look at my blog stats and see that the #2 traffic source to my site is from Pinterest, right behind Google.  What was even more amazing to me was that I wasn't really using Pinterest to its full advantage to promote my blog and it was still brining me tons of traffic, someone was using it!

We all have a TON of amazing things on our blogs that would be great on people's pin boards. Let's share it here! Not only will we all discover new and exciting things we want to try, we will also help boost each other's traffic.

Each week I will be hosting a Pin Me Linky on Friday. 

Linky Rules

  • Join in by providing a link to a blogpost you would like a photo pinned from.  
  • Your thumbnail should be a photo from your post, not your avatar or blog button.  
  • After you post your link please click on at least 2 other entries and pin them to one of your boards.  

If you are not sure how to link up let me know by leaving a comment and I will help you.

I'd love it if you could help build this linky by mentioning to your friends that you are participating, either on your blog or on one of your social media channels.  The more people that participate the more pins we will all get which will translate to more traffic for all of us.

Happy Pinning! 


18 Responses to Pin Me! Weekly Pinterest Linky

  1. Ellen-TCMom says:

    Great idea I linked up andpinned you ladies

  2. Cool idea!  I linked up and Pinned!

  3. Melissa says:

    Great idea. I linked up and pinned everyone! I'll be back next week!

  4. Linked up and am now pinning!

  5. Jen says:

    Shoot – technical difficulty and I ended up there 2x! Sorry! Can you remove #11 :)

  6. Great idea! I can't pick just two, I'm going to have to pin them all:-) Tons of goodness here!

  7. CraftyMama says:

    Thanks for participating everyone! this is going to be fun

  8. Susieqtpies says:

    Oh my I haven't been to your site in FOREVER! I just linked up and invite you to come link up in my Saturday Pin Party! Then more can find your party!
    I"ll Pin your post and follow you! xoxox SusieQTpies

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