Saving My Memories With Seagate

Saving My Memories With Seagate

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You know you think about it all the time, you loose sleep over it, you feel sorry for someone who it has happened to, but do you do anything about it? I’m talking about backing up your computer files, those precious photographs, those important presentations and documents.  Do you back up your computer files or do you just think about doing and and never actually do it?

I’m one of those people who who thinks about it but never does it so when I was given the chance to receive a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 500GB USB 2.0 Ultra-Portable Hard Drive I jumped at the chance.

I ordered my drive from and elected for the next day delivery.  I placed my order around noon on Wednesday and my drive arrived on my doorstep before noon on Thursday! Impressive.  I spent the weekend transferring my photos and documents onto the drive and playing around with it.

The FreeAgent GoFlex has a great sync feature so you don’t have to figure out what you need to back up, it knows what has changed since the last time you synced the devices.  I love this for my photos because they are not all organized like I want them to be but I don’t want to wait to back them up until they are organized.  With the sync, I can change folders and organize on my computer and when I back up to the GoFlex it will change everything accordingly. Cool!

Another great feature is the GoFlex cord.  GoFlex drives have no built-in interface, so you are not stuck with a USB 2.o drive that you may grow out of quickly if you are looking for faster performance in the future.   When you swap out the cable, you can give one drive different interfaces as needed. This really comes in handy  if you’ve got a Windows PC and a Mac that you work with .  Use the  USB 2.0 flex cord to work with the Windows PC, then just swap out the GoFlex cord to the FireWire 800 and use with your Mac. Easy Peasy no need for different drives for each computer.

The model I got is a 500 GB and is very reasonably priced at for only $89.82.  As far as I am concerned $90 is a small price to pay to know all my precious photo memories are safe and sound.

If you have been thinking about document storage and back up, don’t wait any longer, go get a drive today and BACK UP THOSE FILES! You will be glad you did.


For more information and to see Seagate’s entire line of products at you can goto their brand page and look around.








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