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Party Rocker in the House

We can't always have a video camera attached to our hands although i'm sure  there are many times we all wish we did so wecould capture moments in our children's lives that we want to remember forever.   I may not tote a video camera around all the time, but you would be hard pressedContinue Reading

Muvee Photo Slideshow Software

Gift Guide Addition     Muvee Revel slideshow creator software Muvee.com $64.95 order now through Dec 14 to get this great price as well as 6 bonus style packs     Looking for a great way to showcase your photos and videos, you need to try Muvee! Muvee makes it easy to turn your photosContinue Reading

Spice Up Your Photos and Videos with Muvee

I get a lot of compliments on the photo  slideshows I do on my blog, it is a great way to showcase a bunch of photos at one time.  Last year when I was at Blissdom I won a copy of Muvee software and that is what I use to put the slideshows together.  IContinue Reading

Operation Purple Balloon Sending our Love to Maddie

~My 7 year old son came up with “#1 perfect baby ever” all on his own (tear)~Without even knowing where the Spohr’s are from or their interests, my 9 year old son choose his LA hat out of all the hats he has to wear(and he has a lot of hats)~With heavy hearts and lotsContinue Reading