The Evolution of My Motorola

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12 years ago when I got my first cell phone, I never imagined what a powerful and indispensable part of my life it would become all these years later.  Through the years I have almost always ended up with a Motorola device and I thought I would share with you a little bit of my history with Motorola that has brought me to today.

My first Motorola cell phone was a pink RAZR…yes I said pink and yes pink is why I bought it.  I had to have the sleek little pink flip phone in order to be cool complete. Back then the Motorola was on the cutting edge of flip phones when it produced the RAZR..the thinnest flip phone on the market.  I bet you can't guess what I used that phone for?  Wait for it….making phone calls! No texting, no data, no calendar, just straight up phone calls who would have thought? It did have a camera but I don't recall ever really taking many photos with it, probably because the quality was really bad. Here is a photo I found on Amazon of that pretty little number, I thought I still had mine laying around but I don't.

Like I mentioned I wasn't much of a cell phone officianato back then, I went for color and fashion more than function and capabilities. (ok I still do that to a certain extent today).  Back then I guess my brother was cooler more informed about cell phones than I was and he had a slick phone called a Moto Q that not only made phone calls, but it had a cool game on it called Bubble Breaker AND a calendar that would sync to the computer to keep track of your life.  That's what I needed something to help me keep track of my life…by then I had 3 kids, countless appointments and a very busy social schedule that a paper calendar alone could not handle.  The Moto Q was my next phone, and even though you could get a data plan (wasn't required I didn't even know what a data plan was honestly) and text with it (it does have a full keyboard)  I only used it for the calendar capabilities and that alone made my life much easier.

Fast forward a few years (early 2009) and through another personal assistant type phone that I shall not name in this post and I now have a blog, am addicted to Twitter which has caused me to finally subscribe to a texting plan so I can see what's going on in the digital world  (did you know you could use Twitter via SMS, no fancy apps required…prehistoric, I know but it worked at the time).  I've been a a few conferences and have seen this thing called an iphone, people are actually able to check their email on a COLOR screen, browse the web with PHOTOS, play the coolest games and see what's going on online in an much easier way than I can.  Thus began what I call my iPhone envy a topic I have talked about on my blog before.  I was a loyal Verizon Wireless customer and they didn't have an iPhone so I just continued to drool over everyone else's and wait for Motorola and Verizon to come to my rescue someday, that day came in October of 2009 when they released what I now lovingly call my "Dinosaur Droid".

The day I put that phone in my hand my life changed and I would never look at another phone the same again.  Its hard to believe that I got that first Droid just a little over 2 years ago and how much Droid has changed in that short amount of time.  Since that first Droid I have also had a Droid X, a Droid Bionic and now drumroll please………..a Droid RAZR.  I feel like I have come full circle back to my cell phone beginnings, back to the sleek little phone that  I loved so dearly, only thing is its not pink, since receiving mine they did come out with a line of colored ones for those of you who choose a phone based on the color (cough, cough).

droid x, droid bionic, droid razr

Features of the Droid RAZR Smartphone

Here are just a few of the features of the Droid RAZR Smartphone that make me a happy Droid owner every day.

  • Its so sleek and thin!  That's what RAZR was know for all those years ago and what it is know for again today.  It is an amazing 7.1 mm thin (about a quarter of an inch)
  • A body made with KEVLAR fiber and a screen made from Gorilla glass keeps my phone safe from bumps, bruises, scratches and water…all things any mom needs to worry when the kids are constantly wanting to play with her phone. Sidenote:  would you ever have imagined you would play with a phone? Just sayin.
  • Lots of memory.  The RAZR has 16 GB of internal memory and can handle up to a 32 GB microSD card. LOTS of room for my favorite music, apps and photos.
  • 4g LTE connectivity.  I have talked about my experience with 4g on my Boinic and Xoom and it really is fast.  I'm an impatient person, I need to see what's going on right now..I don't have time for slow connectivity!  With 4g LTE its also much easier to stream video and my beloved Pandora Radio with almost no interruption.
  • The screen is big and beautiful…what more can I say?
  • I never thought I'd see the day that I didn't carry around my big camera, don't get me wrong I still feel like I express my feelings best through my Nikon, but the camera on the RAZR is quite good and I see myself using it more and more to express myself and share what's going on around me without sacrificing photo quality.
  • As with all of my Droids I love the availability of applications both through the Android Marketplace and the Amazon Marketplace.  Other than Instagram (for which I have found decent alternatives) I really have never been in a situation where I couldn't find an app I wanted to have.
  • Smart Actions.  This smartphone really is smart!  With the use of the Smart Actions app the RAZR changes it's functions based on the time of day, the wifi network you are connected to, your physical location or even the ports you are using on the phone.  These Smart Actions are based on rules that are triggered by different situations, once you have set the rules RAZR knows the best way to get the most out of your phone without you having to think about it!  Based on your activity, RAZR will also suggest smart actions for you that you can accept or customize to meet your needs. I haven't fully jumped into using these actions but based on what I know here are a few examples of how I think they could work for me.
    • Visiting my kids school – I go to the school quite frequently to help out and don't always remember to turn off my ringer…never fails I'm in the principals office giving her PTO updates and my phone rings and interrupts embarrassing.  I can set a smart action that knows based on my GPS location that I am at the school and it will automatically silence my phone so I don't have to remember to do that!  My 4g connection is not always so great in the school but I still want to be sure to get important emails from work while I am out of the house so I can also set it to automatically connect to the WiFi at school when I arrive so I'm still on top of what's going on at work.
    • Battery saving – triggers for this action could be the display is off and the phone is not being charged.  When this happens the RAZR  will turn off your GPS, stop syncing your background apps and disconnect from WiFi in order to save battery life.
    • Music mode – have a favorite playlist you like to listen too? Set up a music mode and when you plug in your headphones RAZR will automatically launch your favorite playlist for you.
  • Webtop Application.  This is not something I currently use but sure want to look into more!  By docking my RAZR into a Lapdock I can use my phone as a full functioning computer over the 4G network.  No more looking for a WiFi signal at an airport or conference like I need to do with my laptop.
  • Again not something I am using right now but from what I understand the RAZR is going to be updating soon to the new Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) OS and I am curious to see how this will further enhance my Droid experience and my love for these devices.

I honestly believe I will always be a loyal Droid fan..I've seen many friends go to the "other side" recently (my husband is talking about it GASP) but I'm still happy and unless someone makes a phone that has a battery that lasts all day while using it at full capacities to draw me away, I'll be a fan for awhile.  Hopefully when that day comes and a battery lasts all day, it will be a Droid and not one of those "other" phones. 

For full specs and details of the RAZR be sure to visit

Disclosure ~ This post was written as part of my participation in the Motorola Insiders program.  I have been compensated in free product as part of this program.

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