Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

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I will admit it, and some of you may already know, yes I am an adult fan (Twihard) of the young adult novel series Twilight.  It began 5 years ago when my daughter was in 5th grade and discovered the series from a classmate who was reading it.  She was already on book 2 when all the hype started about the series so I decided maybe I would read the books and see what they were all about.  I don’t have much time to read but I do love it, so I have always found myself reading books that were geared more toward the kids or young adults because they were quick easy reads and I enjoyed being able to discuss them with my kids (Harry Potter, Series of Unfortunate Events and Dear America were some of our favorites)

For those of you who are fans you know where this goes…I was hooked.  Over the years my daughter and I waited patiently for the release of the final 2 books, waited in movie theaters for midnight screenings, had DVD release parties with her friends and even waited in line on cold night outside of Best Buy to get see Edi Gathegi and get an autographed copy of the New Moon DVD.

Right around the release of the 4th movie, Breaking Dawn part 1the novelty had worn of for my daughter and she was as a teenager would say “over it”  I was all ready to wait in line at midnight to see it and she had moved on, it was kinda sad!  We both ended up seeing the movie, but I can’t remember if we saw it together or not, if we did it must have been uneventful and less exciting than our other Twilight adventures or I would remember.

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Now comes the final installment of the series, Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2, the movie that will wrap up all the loose ends, and end an era for the fans.  Before it released I asked my daughter if she planned on seeing it, she wasn’t sure, probably would because why not, but wouldn’t be sad if she missed it.  As the release date approached I received 4 tickets to see an early screening of the film so I told my daughter (who is now 15) that she was going to go with me and should get 2 of her friends to come along with us to see the movie.  She asked the 2 friends who way back in 5th grade got her hooked on the books, who she talked to constantly about Edward and Bella and who’s worlds, like hers at that time, had revolved around what would happen next.  As close as the books brought the 3 of them and as big of a part of their lives Twilight was, the 3 of them had never seen one of the movies together, not only was this final movie an end of Twilight Saga, it was the end of their journey together.  They went into the movie with the thought, we might as well see it to the end and what better way than together, they weren’t ready to camp out or have a party, but they were ready to close the book so to speak.

If you haven’t read the books or seen the movies, you may want to stop here…there may be spoilers.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 ended with Bella giving birth to her and Edward’s daughter Renesmee, and in turn giving up her human life.  Edward was forced to change her to save her and everyone stood by wondering what she would become.  Part 2 opens up as Bella is still lying on the table “recovering” from Edwards attempt to save her.

The basic plot of the movie is about Bella’s adjustment to being a vampire and the Cullen family’s attempt to prove that Renesmee is not what she seems and they have not created a child vampire (which is against the laws of the Volturi).  This quest  leads to a showdown between the Cullen’s and their friends and the Volturi and their army.  As we were watching the movie and entire battle scene began and vampires and werewolves began dying!  I leaned over to Emilee and said “this didn’t happen in the book! What the heck is going on???” her response “I have no idea!” After the movie was over one of her friends commented that as this was happening she was thinking “Oh hell no! They didn’t just change the ENTIRE series in this one scene! I’m outta here.”  I’m not going to give away what happens, but I will tell you, they may have added an amazingly epic sequence to the movie that did not apear in the book, but they did not change the outcome of the series.

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At the very end of the movie the did a really great sequence that flashed back and recapped Edward and Bella’s love story and during the credits they recognized and showed photos of everyone who had been a part of all of the movies, it was in my opinion a great way to end it all.  The girls left the theater in tears, completely sucked back in to the series and the story.  I left in tears too..but I didn’t need sucked back in, I was still a diehard fan lol.

I recommend that anyone who is a fan of Twilight see this movie, if over the years you have strayed like my daughter and her friends, I guarantee you will be drawn back in. If you have remained a fan over the years, you will not be disappointed. Yes, there is some bad acting, yes the computer generated baby is a little creepy, yes it is far fetched…but who cares, I didn’t and I really enjoyed the movie.



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