Wreck it Ralph – 6 Thumbs Up!

Wreck it Ralph – 6 Thumbs Up!

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Disney’s newest movie Wreck it Ralph crashed into theaters today.  We went to see a sneak peak the other night and the critics gave it 6 thumbs up!

Wreck it Ralph is the story of arcade bad guy Ralph and his quest to be a good guy, win a medal and not be all alone in his video game world.   Ralph’s quest begins the night the other characters from his game are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their game and he is not invited to the party.  He crashes the party, ruins the cake, scares everyone and vows that he will win a medal and show everyone he is not the bad guy anymore. Ralph’s adventure takes him into several other video games and he learns some valuable lessons along the way.

Wreck it Ralph is a delightful movie for the entire family it is packed full of adventure and humor.  Adults will enjoy the retro video game references, see how many you can find! My personal favorite…Qbert who is out of work because his game was unplugged.  Wreck it Ralph is being shown in Disney Digital 3D™ in select theaters, and it is amazing.  I have only seen 2 or 3 movies in 3D since the newer technology has been developed and I still can’t get over the incredible depth and reality you feel while watching the movie.  We definitely recommend this movie to all ages! Make sure you go see it in the theater so you get the full effect of the awesome Disney Digital 3D™.

Wreck it Ralph Activities

Here are some fun activities to get your family excited about the movie or to keep the excitement going after you see the movie.  Just click on the preview photo to print the activity sheets or use this link to get them all at once.

Wreck It Ralph Dot to Dot

Wreck It Ralph Maze

Wreck It Ralph Color By Number

More Wreck It Ralph Fun

Play these fun games featured in the film now on the official Wreck-It Ralph website!

Play Fix-It Felix, Jr. featuring Wreck-It Ralph :  http://di.sn/e4w 

Play Sugar Rush Speedway featuring Vanellope von Schweetz :  http://di.sn/e4x 

Play Hero’s Duty featuring Sergeant Calhoun :  http://di.sn/n5K

Find more Wreck It Ralph fun at the official website and be sure to connect with Ralph on Twitter and Facebook too! 


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